Pathway to the Sun: Rest

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  1. Start by setting up your Bite the Sun Profile.
  2. Complete the My Physical Me questionnaire and take note of which category is most heavily weighted in your answers.
  3. Read about your body clock and determine whether you are an ‘early or late bird’ so you can more naturally orient your sleep patterns or start to reprogram to avoid feeling out of synch with ‘social timing’.
  4. Make a commitment to yourself to get 6-8 hours of quality sleep a night.
  5. Complete the Inner Me questionnaire and make a note of any questions that feel as if they’re speaking just to you.  This could be just a few or many.

  6. Spend some time in inner reflection about your life as it is now and be honest and brave with your answers to the following questions:
    1. Are you truly happy? 
    2. Do you feel fulfilled in your life? 
    3. Are you walking on the right path for you at the moment?
    4. Do you feel that your higher needs are being satisfied at present? 
    5. What is the most important change you would like to see in your life?
  7. Return to the list of questions that you created when you completed the Inner Me questionnaire and see if you can see any pattern emerging — write down any thoughts or feelings that come to mind as you do this.
  8. Make a list of any recurring emotions that feel ‘on top’, that you feel are more important to you than others, and then divide the list into two groups: those you see as positive and those you see as negative.
  9. Visit the Rest Bites Ray of Health and read what is written about the emotions that you have marked as negative — continue to make notes about your responses to what you read.
  10. View the full list of articles under the Rest Bites Ray and/or The Journey tabs and observe which ones seem to ‘jump’ out at you.  Listen to your intuition and start reading.  There is no right or wrong way to do this, your intuition will guide you to read what is most pertinent for you at the time.

  11. Determine an intention that resonates with the answer to the most important change you’d like to see in your life and then embark on new ways to gain self-awareness by mastering the three central aspects of transformational growth.  We’ve separated these into categories named as High Noon, Dusk and Dawn, which can be found in The Journey.  High Noon denotes issues you may face on your path when at its most turbulent and/or that may loom up from the past.  Dusk, relates to present situations in our life we tend to want to deny – when things feel at their darkest.  And Dawn occurs as the ‘aha’ moments start to arise and you approach a new level of understanding and awareness with new doors beginning to open.
  12. Without adequate ‘me’ time to discharge your stress, reflect on your successes and hone your intentions, it’s hard to increase your self-awareness and become clear about what you are creating in your life.  Commit to regular daily ‘me’ time, even if it’s just a few minutes a day to become more emotionally coherent. Mindfulness practice or meditation, and particularly guided meditation, can greatly help this process.
  13. Remember that your thoughts are actually the most powerful currency you have.  What you think actually translates into your experience, so the Rest Bites Ray of Health is about guiding you towards a more peaceful, self-aware, coherent state of mind that is sensitive to the world around you and that is engaged in the present moment, not lost in the past, in what might have been, or what could be.  This is a state in which you can marshal your thoughts into a clearer intention of what you’d like to experience in your life.  A state where you can give to yourself, rest more, engage with others more meaningfully — and perhaps most important of all — laugh harder and love more deeply!
  14. The Rest Bites Pathway to the Sun works best when you combine it with the Food and Active Rays of Health.  Use your dashboard to track and monitor your progress so you can share your successes. with all of us!

Date: 09 July 2014