Stepping into the learning and growing zone

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Key Facts: 
  • Letting fear of the unknown rule our decisions leaves us safe, but limited:  the panic needs to be braved so that we can see beyond the horizon
  • The learning zone is the place where magic happens, where lessons are learnt and strength and flexibility are acquired
  • Are you ready to expand your life?

It’s safer inside

Sometimes we trick ourselves into believing that what we are afraid of doing is not really important anyway. We convince ourselves, in all kinds of ways, that we are better off without – because this keeps us happily in our comfort zone. To find out if you are tricking yourself, ask yourself, honestly: “if anxiety and fear were not an issue, if I could do this without feeling any stress at all would it be something I would like to do? Might it be exciting? Might it enrich my life?” If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, then perhaps it is the fear of the unknown and comfort of what’s familiar that keeps you where you are. Perhaps it is time to take a small step outside this zone to explore what it might bring to your life when you mount the courage to enter the unknown.

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