Visualisation for healing

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Key Facts: 
  • When something beyond our control alters our lives, we can feel powerless
  • Spending time picturing the way we would like things to be is a powerful tool to help us take our power back

When an illness is diagnosed or we’ve been injured in some other way, we’re often left with a sense of powerlessness to influence the outcome, especially if the illness or injury is serious.  We depend on doctors and drugs to help treat the condition and often don’t have the knowledge to truly understand the implication of decisions we need to make.  Visualisation for healing can help provide us with a sense of influence and hope when we engage ourselves in a mental act of doing something about it.  This way of thinking may help the healing process.

The key to visualisation for healing is to imagine the healing process unfold inside the body.  Focusing your attention on the part of your body where the healing needs to take place activates the part of the brain that controls it.  You don’t need to know much about physiology, but if you do you can use your knowledge in your visualisation.  

When you use visualisation for healing it’s important to remember that there’s really no right or wrong.  It’s just about finding a way of visualising that works for you.  The process below is just one example and can be modified to fit your concerns.

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