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E.g., 23 April 2018

Is 'organic wine' a healthy lifestyle choice?

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John Lang with some surprising information on the wine you assume is cleaner and better to buy.

Recognising and coping with auto-immune related infertility

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Louise Carder: A nutritional practitioner's own story about her auto-immune related infertility.

Changing lanes and crossing the alps

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Robert Verkerk PhD, ANH-Intl executive and scientific director and our own Scientific Director, going from fat to fit with the help of a bicycle and a few mountains!

Rooting out the problem behind the pain

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Begoña Ruiz Núñez, clinical psychoneuroimmunologist, on the perils of a one-size fits all approach.

Xanthan gum: how did this stuff get from the oilrig into bread?

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Ingrid Eissfeldt, owner, Artisan Bread Organic, on the health dangers of xanthan gum.

Starving cancer: why it makes sense

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Jerome Burne, medical journalist, on the impact of carbohydrates on cancer.